Kooky Pugs

Your Pugs Deserve The Best!

Pug Training

Training pugs is not difficult. Their “cuteness component” with their baby faces and crazy antics may make it difficult for owners to be consistent.

Pug Training

Pug Puppies

Pug Puppies are the best ever! We love those squishy little faces and curly little tails. Who doesn't love a pile of Pug puppies?

Pug Puppies in a Bowl

Pug Dogs

The Pug dog’s motto is “multum in parvo.” It's the Latin phrase that means you get a lot for a little (dog). If you own a Pug, you get it!

Pug dog in doorway

Who We Are. What We Do.

Eat. Play. Sleep. Poop.  Actually, we’re much more complicated than that.  We love to go for chase our tails, go crazy after bath time, tilt our heads when you talk to us, dig in pillows and blankets, get our pictures taken and we’ve given a few pawtographs. 

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