Fawn Pugs

Everything You Need to Know About Fawn Pugs

Everything You Need to Know About Fawn Pugs

There are so many things in the world to be proud of, but nothing beats having a Fawn Pug!

Fawn Pugs are famous for their clown-like personalities and adorable wrinkly faces. They are one of the cutest creatures in the world. So the craze of keeping Pugs as a companion is not something new.

Their distinct facial features have drawn humans towards these huge-hearted, little buddies.

It’s been centuries since we found the playful Pugs are our best companions. Although they have been around us for a long time, still, there’s no decrease in their fame or popularity.

It looks like these fawn Pugs are FOREVER clowns!

However, over the last couple of years, the demand for fawn Pugs has skyrocketed. Thanks to social media!

Maybe you’ve seen fawn-colored Pug pictures while scrolling your Insta feed. Did you fall for their beauty? Or perhaps you saw a fawn Pug in a park while jogging and instantly decided to adopt one.

Whatever the reason is, once a Pug takes your heart, it’s taken, and there’s no going back. In this guide, we aim to cover everything you need to know about adopting a fawn Pug.

So let’s dive direct into details:

What are Some Fawn Pug Colors?

Pugs come in different colors and a variety of sizes. However, fawn is the most common color in Pug dogs.

The fawn color has a broad reach. It ranges from light to medium shades. No fawn Pug will be a solid fawn. Therefore, there must be some distinction in the color of the coat.

As mentioned before, fawn Pugs come in several colors with unique markings and shading. The particular fawn coloring also has some variants. Such as:

  • Regular fawn Pugs
  • Silver fawn Pugs
  • Apricot fawn Pugs

Let’s have an overview of the three unique yet beautiful shades of fawn Pugs.

Ready? Let’s go!

  1. Regular Fawn Pugs: If you see a Pug in creamy, mild brown, or marshmallow type of color, chances are, you have seen a regular fawn Pug. Mostly the Pugs we see on social media, in movies, or in photos are regular fawns. Regular fawn Pugs have a black mask and a black muzzle, adding grace and dignity to their beautiful color.
  2. Silver Fawn Pugs: Silver color has been described as the color of moonlight. Silver fawn is a color that is not overly common in Pug dogs. It’s the rarest color found in Pugs and the lightest color a fawn Pug can have. The silver fawn Pugs have a shiny, silky, and smooth coat with a silver tint. Like other non-black Pugs, silver fawn Pugs have black ears and a black mask. Also, they may have markings like a thumbprint or a trace in their coat.
  3. Apricot Fawn Pugs: Apricot fawn is another rare color of Pugs. It’s a subdued color of orange. In Pugs, it refers to a specific warm shade that sets it apart from other fawn shades. For Apricot fawn Pugs, it’s common not to be wholly apricot. Instead, they have black masks and black ears. In addition, you can see thumbprints or trace markings on their unique yellowish-orangish coat.

What Does a Fawn Pug Look Like?

Fawn Pug with Bubbles
  • Appearance: The Pugs, no matter what color, have a comical face. Their face is the feature that makes them Pug. They have charming flat-rounded faces with many deep wrinkles and dark bulgy eyes.
    They have blunt muzzles and a spiral tail.
    Fawn Pugs have muscular, square, and stout bodies. Though they are small, they are stocky and have symmetrical bodies.
  • Size and Weight: Normally, a male Pug, stands between 12″ – 14″ in height, whereas a female Pug’s size is 10″ – 12″. Therefore, they will roughly weigh between 13 to 18 pounds.
  • Coat type: Fawn Pugs have short and smooth coats and never hard to touch. Pugs are a double-coated breed, but their coat is glossy, and they shed their hair like crazy.

What Are the Breed Standards for Fawn Pugs?

Breed standards describe the ideal characteristics of a breed. They also describe EXACTLY how a Pug should look and act. So let’s see how a fawn Pug should look like, according to AKC breed standards.

  • General Appearance: From whatever angle you watch, a Pug is a square-shaped dog. Measure the Pug’s height from ground to its shoulders. Then measure from the front of his chest to his rear part. Both the measurements have to be equal.
  • Head and Skull: When you see a fawn Pug from the side, its head should appear round. On the other hand, when you see the fawn Pug from the front, its head should appear square. 
    The Pug’s head will be round and proportionate to the dog’s body. It is not apple-headed, and there are no indentations of a skull. Muzzle, also, has to be short, square, and not pointed upwards. 

    The eyes of a Pug are relatively large, lustrous, and very expressive. But, at the same time, the ears are small and soft like velvet!
  • Neck and Chest: Only a strong and thick neck can support a large and bulky head as the fawn Pugs have. Right?
    So, the Pugs have a just-right neck. They need to endorse their large heads. The chest of a Pug also is broad and full.
  • Body: Fawn Pugs are straight, sturdy, and have short legs. They have broad shoulders, a wide chest, and a leveled top line. Fawn Pugs have stiff muscles and solid legs and must look parallel to each other from the back.
  • Colors: The fawn family will only have regular fawn, silver, or apricot shades. Each is clearly defined and subtle. However, AKC only accepts two colors, black and fawn, as the standard colors for Pugs.
    The muzzle, mask, ears, trace, thumb marks, or diamonds on the forehead of a Pug can be black.
  • Gait: The legs of a Pug should never fling. Also, the path of one leg should not cross the path of the other leg. A Pug’s legs swing easily, and Puggies are capable of purposeful and steady movements.
  • Personality: Pugs are great personalities in their short bodies. Their marvelously wrinkled faces have extraordinary charm. Though they appear to be comical, they carry themselves with great dignity.

What Are Some Personality Traits of a Fawn Pug?

They have an even temperament, charming, playful, and a lively disposition.

Pugs have no serving history; the sole purpose of breeding fawn Pugs was to develop companion dogs. However, they perform their duties pretty well.

All they want is your love. And you know what?

Give them love, and they will return your love with more warmth and affection. How cute! Isn’t it?

  • Living needs:
    The Pug dog is a small breed. So, if you live in a small home, condo, or apartment, the fawn Pugs are ideal pets to own.
  • Family Compatibility:
    Pugs do well when they are around humans. Therefore, they make the best family pets. Fawn Pugs get along with both kids and adults. They enjoy playing, and the playtime can extend for hours. Once they get tired, they’ll curl up with you and will relax.
    Pugs are kid-friendly, and they enjoy the company of any other pet as well.
    So, there’s nothing that makes a Pug less compatible for being an ideal FAMILY PET.
  • Suitable for Novice Owners or Not:
    Are you an inexperienced pet parent?
    Worry not! You don’t need to be a seasoned dog owner to own a Pug. Pug dogs are gentle. They are eager to please their owners.
    But before you start supervising your Pug, make sure you and your Pug boy have developed a strong bond. Once you two bond well, your Pug will be more than happy to become your shadow.
  • Barking Tendency:
    Unlike other dog breeds, you don’t have to worry about excessive barking, digging, and destructive chewing behavior.
    Pugs are neither talkative nor heavy barkers. Therefore, they won’t make good guard dogs. However, they are very protective of their family members.
  • Grooming Needs:
    Pugs, fawn or black, shed all around the year. So, it’s a good idea to keep a hairbrush handy to groom your furry friend. Brushing off the loose hair daily is ideal, but if you are too busy for that, do it once a week, at least.
    You can bathe your Puggie once a month.
    Want to keep your Pug away from skin irritations? Just make sure you use a Pug-friendly shampoo. Simple as that!
    The lovable wrinkles and curly tail both need to be cleaned often and especially after the bath. In addition, you may use pet-safe wipes to prevent infections. The bulbous eyes of fawn Pugs need special attention while bathing.
    The eyes of Pugs bulge outwards. Hence, they can get chemical reactions if contacted with soaps and shampoos.
    Pugs are also susceptible to dental problems. To prevent periodontal diseases, you can regularly brush their teeth with dog toothpaste. It really helps!
  • Feeding:
    Fawn Pugs are foodies. They love eating. They will eat everything their taste buds find pleasant. So keep a watch on their caloric consumption.
    As a Pug owner, you must show some restraints. Don’t let your Puggies eat their heart out.
    Where their short stature makes them an adorable breed, it also puts their health at risk. Eating too much can make them obese.
    Dogs have different nutritional requirements. Many different brands prepare food rich in nutrients. Opt for any high-class dog food, or you can also feed your Pug home-cooked food.
    Creating a meal plan that just caters to your Pug’s unique needs is an excellent idea.
    How much will your dog eat? It largely depends on your dog’s size, age, build, activity, and metabolism level.
    On average, a Pug requires ½ to 1 cup of high-quality dry food a day. However, for better consumption, you can divide the portion into two. Plus, your Pug would rather eat twice per day.

What are Some Health Problems to be Aware of?

Pug Meditation

Just like any other dog breed, the adorable fawn Pugs also have their fair share of health problems. But, with so many years of breeding, we have achieved the modern looks in Pugs. Their squished face has human-like expressions and a cute curled-up tail.

No doubt, they look cute with these characteristics, but the cuteness brings some severe problems to the lovely breed.

Have a look at some of the significant health problems fawn Pugs are prone to:

  • Fawn Pug Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome:
    The squishy face and a relatively short skull have led Pugs to a health disorder known as Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome.
    About a hundred years ago, Pugs hardly had a face like they have today. But, unfortunately, their flattened nose and compressed muzzles have deformed their airway. Therefore, Pugs tend to suffer from significant health problems.
  • Breathing Problems:
    In the desire to make the Pugs cuter, breeders have developed Pugs with short and squeezed noses.
    And this facial warping has made it hard for Pugs to breathe. The difficulty in breathing restricts their air intake. As a result, they are more likely to overheat.
    Due to being Brachycephalic, the Pugs are already not able to take the required amount of air. Therefore, any further restriction can cause terrible consequences. In some cases, Pugs even have to undergo surgery to live everyday life.
  • Fawn Pug Hemivertebrae:
    Who doesn’t know that the fawn Pugs have a corkscrew kind of tail?
    They have been selectively bred for years to have a tail like this. It looks beautiful, but this beauty brings some curse along.
    Like humans, dogs, too, have a spinal column. But, with dogs, there’s one distinction. The spinal columns of dogs extend to become their tail.
    When the spinal column turns into a tightly curled tail in Pugs, this can cause some problems. Like in some cases, the spinal column above the tail can also become twisted. This can be a cause of a significant neurological problem.
    The spinal cord damage can bring pain, weakness in your doggie’s hind legs, and your Pug can lose control over his bladder.
    The screwed-up tails in fawn Pugs make them more prone to this condition. As a result, their tail, if not cleaned properly, can be home to many infectious diseases. The infections can be fatal, and if it becomes the worst, your dog may need to get the tail surgically removed.

    Pugs are prone to some other health issues as well, and, sadly, the list is pretty long.

    For instance:

  • Cheyletiella Dermatitis (Walking Dandruff)
  • Pug Dog Encephalitis
  • Epilepsy
  • Nerve Degeneration
  • Corneal Ulcers
  • Dry Eye
  • Allergies
  • Demodectic Mange
  • Staph Infection
  • Yeast Infection
  • Hemi-Vertebrae
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Legg-Perthes Disease
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Vaccination Sensitivity

Exercise Needs of Fawn Pugs:

Every dog needs some amount of exercise to stay healthy and active. Fawn Pugs are no different.

Only a 30-minute walk around the block will be sufficient for your Puggie. While exercising, make certain that you don’t overexert your Pugs. They have a narrow nasal passage, and breathing can become difficult for them.

It’s better that you don’t expect a high level of activities from these doggies. Instead, try channelizing their energies into short bursts.

Playtimes and shorter walks are the best way to keep breathing problems at a minimum.

Fawn Pug Puppies:

Every dog owner fancies puppies. And, when it comes to fawn Pug puppies, these little creatures are super attractive. And the fawn color is great!

If you are genuinely into adopting a fawn Pug puppy, you must do it responsibly. Do your proper research and approach a responsible breeder.

Don’t hesitate to ask the breeders questions (and ask so many of them) about your puppy’s health. Look, does the puppy you are adopting have any health issues or disorders commonly found in fawn Pugs?

If yes, try nipping the evil in the bud and start the treatments as soon as possible!

Keep your Pug puppy with the mother until your puppy turns 8-week old. Yes, it’s necessary. No matter how eager you are to bring your new furry Pug home and celebrate, you must allow your newly born pup to stay with the mother Pug.

After all, she gave birth to your new fur friend.

The Puggie is 8-week old; he’s now stable enough to go home with you. Congrats! Bring your lovely home and start his training right away.

Stay away from puppy mills. They are notorious for breeding puppies in unethical manners. Mostly, the puppies adopted from puppy mills have loads of health issues.

What is a Fawn Pug Worth?

Sale scaled

The worth of a Pug mainly depends on a few factors.

Firstly, it depends on how reputable the breeder is.

Secondly, it depends on how much homework the breeder has done to bring the Pug puppy into this world. So now, what’s the reading a breeder has to do?

A breeder is responsible for the health conditions of any puppy he breeds. The breeder must check the parents, selecting the healthy ones for breeding.

See how important the homework is!

The color of your Pug can also change the price tag. Fawn-colored Pugs are high in demand. Therefore, the prices of fawn-colored Pugs are hefty.

Because here we are mainly talking about fawn Pugs, so their cost is between $600 to $2000. If the price is too high for you, you must give your local shelter home a visit.

Unfortunately, there are many Pug dogs in shelters waiting for their homes. Hopefully, you’ll find one there.

Where Do You Get a Fawn Pug?

Standard breed Pugs are hard to find.

Wait, what are you looking forward to rescuing one from a rescue shelter?

Your passion for dogs and love is palpable. But in shelters, there will be many dogs, and finding a Pug is again something hard. You can contact the shelter and can put your name on the waiting list, though.

If you don’t find any rescue shelter for your area, contact your local breed club or the national; breed club. They will show you the way.

But that’s going to be a long process.

If you are in a rush and can’t wait anymore to cuddle with your Puggie, do some Google research. In the search bar, put the name of your town or area + Pug breeders. A lot of breeders will appear as a search result.

Call them one by one and ask SO MANY questions. Once you are totally satisfied with the information breeder provided you. Wait, no further, pay the bill, bring your cutie home, and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

So now you’re in the know about the appealing fawn Pugs. Of course, every Pug Parent-to-be is happy about the cute Pug puppy they are going to introduce in their family. Isn’t it?

Do your quick research. Find a reputable breeder. Until your puppy arrives, sit back, read more about Pugs on this website and others. And dream about your Pug puppy coming home.

Till then, Happy Dreaming!

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