Pug Life

Pug Life

Did you Choose the Pug Life or Did the Pug Life Choose You?

Do you remember the first time you got hit with that special Pugsly Fairy Dust? Or was your road to the Pug Life a gradual path? Did a friend’s Pug slowly win you over, and you found yourself Pug Stuck?

It was like one minute owning a dog was the last thing on my mind, and the next minute – BAM!  It was like all I could think about was the Pug life.

I remember exactly when it happened. I was packing my belongings to move to another house. I lived in a small town, and the front door was wide open as I moved boxes out to the moving truck.

Zoom! Just like a little cartoon, this Pug I had never seen before ran into my house. He ran out.

He ran back in, back and forth, back and forth. He had a serious case of the Zoomies. I didn’t know that little Pug was tossing Pugsly Fairy Dust at me the entire time. I was elated, laughing, and something came over me, and that little Pug used his magic and the Pug Life chose me.  

So, did this not turn out to be my first Pug? No. The neighbor came over, said she was watching the Pug for her daughter, and was so happy the Pug did not take off far. At that moment, I knew I would get a Pug.

Pug Life

I couldn’t make it happen then. I had to wait a few years.

A few years? Getting a Pug and being a part of the Pug life is a big responsibility. I knew it wouldn’t be fair to the Pug if I were gone all day. I was working full-time and in college full-time. I knew the time was wrong, but it was going to happen.
And it did happen. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Currently, I’m living the Pug life with two great Pugs; Mimi and Lulu.

What does the Pug Life mean to me? My life revolves around my Pugs. We love walks, training, and hanging out in watching Netflix. I’m always trying to find more ways to work from home and spend time with Lulu and Mimi.

They spread their Pug life magic on me to cheer me up when I’m down. They keep my secrets, and they’re ALWAYS at my side.

35 Things About the Pug Life

I thought about making the typical lists; 10 Good Things About the Pug Life and 10 Bad Things About the Pug Life. But let’s face it, one day, something that your Pug does may be irritating, and the next day it may be hilarious.
So instead, this section is just about the Pug life. Sure, there might be bad things about living the Pug life, but who cares! Compared to the benefits of living the Pug life, the bad things seem so small.

Here we go…

1. What time do you like to get up? Who cares?  It doesn’t matter what time you like to get up; the question is, what time does your Pug like to get up. Here are the Pug life morning wake-up options:

  • Nose in your eye
  • Paw in your face
  • Digging in your hair
  • The ear lick
  • Walking on your face, bosom, genitals, or any awkward spot

If you have multiple Pugs, there is always one that likes to get up at the crack of dawn (or even before).

2. Do you like to get up and get a cup of coffee? Who cares? First, you need to let your Pug outside. If you have a yard, that may need to outside to pick up any pooh from last night as it could make a tasty morning treat. If you live in an apartment, get your shoes on, and head out the door for potty time. Get used to standing outside on a cold, wet morning while your Pug does 50 or more circles.

Just when you think your Pug is ready to pee, a blowing leaf appears. She gets distracted, and the circles stop. You need to start all over again, finding the perfect spot. For most of us, numerous circles are part of the pee Pug life tradition.

3. What do you like for breakfast once you get your morning coffee? Who cares? It’s time to feed your Pug. The Pug life teaches you that eating is the most important reason for getting up in the morning. Mimi likes to stand at the cupboard while I get her food ready. She also likes to jump and body slam into my leg.

If your Pug is a serious chowhound, get ready for earlier and earlier wake-up calls. Once fed, he is ready to lie back on the couch and go back to sleep.

You, on the other hand, are sitting in a daze drinking your morning coffee. And you thought the Pug life was going to be like all those Thug Pug pictures where everyone is chill. HAHAHA!

4. What time do you leave for work? Who cares?  At this point, your Pug is lying on the couch as you head out the door. He has practiced his “don’t leave” face for months. He gives you “the don’t leave look.” The guilt swells up in your heart. You then spend 3 minutes explaining to him that you have to go to work so that you can earn more money for his kibbles. 

Then comes the lie. You tell him that you’ll be home soon. “The don’t leave look” does not change. You head out the door, guilty and defeated. So much for being a tough gal living the Pug life.

The Pug Life Meal Time


5. Any activity in the kitchen means your Pug at your side, between your legs, or jumping up on you. There is no other reason for you to be in the kitchen if not getting food for her in your Pug’s mind. You will quickly learn that food is the most crucial thing in living the Pug life.

Over the years, I’ve gotten much more lenient with feeding scraps in the kitchen. Yes, I regret to say that I have reinforced the begging behavior. However, I’ve gotten much wiser about my choices of snacks. Rather than a donut bite, my Pugs get a piece of carrot or fruit.

Although we would like a donut over a piece of fruit, Pugs don’t care. Most Pugs will eat anything. And when they eat, they inhale. They’re not going to taste the donut anyhow, so it might as well be a carrot.

6. What about two or more Pugs in the kitchen looking for scraps? I’ve found this is a place for fights to break out if your Pugs ever fight. Now you think we’re getting into the tough thug Pug life. Both Mimi and Lulu run into the kitchen when I go to get food.

Lulu assesses the situation and runs back to the footstool. There she stands, waiting for her snack. Not only do I have to get them both a snack, but I also have to walk into the family room to give Lulu her snack.

7. What about getting their meal ready? You better be quick! We have gotten into the routine of an afternoon walk followed by dinner.

Unfortunately, they have learned to harass me. As a result, the walks have gotten earlier and earlier. Harassment comes in the form of Mimi starring at me and barking incessantly. It’s not a regular bark. It is the type of bark that assaults your eardrums. Lulu will walk all over me. If I’m working on my laptop, it’s a paw on the keyboard. Her best trick is hitting the off button or a key that will wipe the screen blank. She becomes the “Erase Everything Hit Woman.” Somedays, you have to be tough to live the Pug Life or just save your documents often.

8. After our walk, Mimi and Lulu know it is dinner time. Actually, it’s not dinner time. It’s usually about 3:00 in the afternoon. Lulu starts running back and forth in the kitchen. Mimi walks right under me. When I get the food out, Lulu runs into her playpen and sits on her pillow with her neck stretched as high as it will go. “Look at me. Look how good I am sitting on my pillow.” Mimi starts jumping and body slamming into my leg. Pug life problems are short-lived. Just get them their food!

9. After the meal (usually takes about 30 seconds to eat), you get the “I’m starving look.”  Don’t give in to that look. Of course, Pugs think they’re starving.  They ate so fast; it hasn’t caught up yet that their stomachs are actually full. Don’t give in!

Pug Life Sleeping

Pug Sleeping on Pillow

10. Pugs sleep a lot.  They sleep about 14 hours a day.  Senior Pugs will sleep up to 18 hours a day. Some people say that Pugs sleep as much as cats do. But don’t expect them to be sweetly purring curled up next to you.  Other than eating, sleeping is the most important thing about Pug life living.

Getting settled.  When you first go to bed, everyone’s got to get settled in. Typically, Mimi frantically digs in the comforter, and Lulu walks back and forth over my body. Eventually, everyone finds a spot. The most valuable spot is curled up next to me. This may mean that Mimi curls up at my side, and Lulu comes and pushes her out.  Back and forth with this can occur several times. Generally, Lulu sleeps on my right and Mimi on my left. But it is a process to get there, even though I know how it will end up.

I’ve considered getting another Pug, but I think about the nighttime routine. Would it be all night carousel of Pugs moving in the bed? If you’re a sound sleeper, the Pug life is for you.

11. The Twitch.  Sure, all dogs twitch. But what about the Turbo Twitch? Sometimes while sitting on the couch in the evening, Mimi curls up next to me. Then comes the leg twitch into my hip. At first, it starts slow, but then she turns into the bionic woman, legs pushing and kicking into my side. Eventually, I have to move over if I want to reduce the annoyance.

12. The Snore.  Again, all dogs and people snore at one time or the other. Most people cannot sleep if there are noises of 40 to 70 decibels. What about a snoring Pug at 96 decibels?

Otis, the loudest known snoring Pug, clocks out at 96 decibels. That sounds about the same as a Boeing 737, about one mile over your head. I’m not sure exactly how many decibels my Pugs snore at, but like many Pug owners, I’ve woken up to that Pug snoring sound!  If you’re going to live the Pug life, either be a sound sleeper or get some earplugs.

Pug Life Grooming

Brushing Pug

13. Pugs like to lick. They lick their own paws, their legs, their privates, each other, your arms, hands, and legs. Lulu’s favorite is licking Mimi’s armpit. Really? Anyhow, Mimi just stands there like it’s the most normal thing ever. They lick the couch, the blankets, the table leg, and sometimes even resort to air. I never knew the Pug life would be just plain crazy.

14. What about brushing? Ugh.  Mimi and Lulu are the “on-the-move” type brushers. They generally won’t run from me while I’m brushing them, but they’re moving the entire time. Although many say that black Pugs shed much less than other colors, I beg to differ. It feels like I get just as much black hair in my vacuum as I do any other color. Shedding is just a fact, and you have to live with it.  Buy a good vacuum. If you like a clean house, stay home all day and clean or hire a maid.

15. Nail Clipping.  Aka torture from hell! I’ve tried many different methods to make this task more pleasant. It’s never fun. My current approach is feeding kibbles during the process. It doesn’t make it much more enjoyable. It just makes it confusing for Mimi and Lulu.

One second, you’re torturing with clipping the nails, and the next second you give them a kibble. It goes on like this. As of yet, it has not trained them to associate nail clipping with something positive. And if you think your Pug is not that strong, they will prove otherwise when you hold them for the clipping. Pug life nail clipping has to be endured by both you and your Pug.

16. Bathy Time.

I have never had a Pug that likes a bath. But I must say that Lulu is the worse. She cries the saddest little cry you’ve ever heard in your life. I’ve learned to keep it quick, keep the cute little Puggy talk going and try not to feel guilty. Of course, the fun begins when they are all done. Then there are the zoomies, chasing and flying across furniture!

Pug Life Unicorn Pug

17. Dressing in Stupid Outfits. I can not tell you why dressing a Pug in a stupid outfit is part of the Pug life, but it is. I know many other people with dogs. None of them dress their dogs up as Pug people do. Why? Just one of the unsolved mysteries of the world.

Pug Life Exercise

18. Playing Catch.  A game of catch is a great way for a Pug to get exercise. Many times, catch is an indoor sport. By the time you got to the park, his exercise quota would be met for the day, and it’d be time to go home. Try the long hallway or large room in your house. Some Pugs will play catch, while others look at you like you’re crazy. There is minimal exercise in the Pug life, but don’t neglect it. Pugs need to stay active.

Our routine is I throw the ball. Lulu runs down the hallway, spinning out when she reaches it. She flies back with the ball. Mimi has been waiting, and she takes it away. Then they both fight over the ball until I take it away. Repeat.

19. Chasing Dust bunnies. How often do you clean your house? Probably more than you want if you have Pug hair everywhere. However, chasing a dust bunny can offer loads of fun and exercise.  And maybe even some barking. The closer you get on a wood floor, the dust bunny takes off for more chasing fun.

Pug Zoomies

20. Zoomies.  No Pug life would be complete without the Zoomies. This wild flying back and forth, on and off furniture, most certainly will occur after a bath. Zoomies can happen during playtime. My favorite is when Lulu gets the Zoomies for no known reason. We’re all calm, and the next thing you know, she’s flying on and off the couch. She runs to the kitchen table, runs out of room, starts to spin on the floor, and generally crashes into a chair. Mimi and I look on in wonder and being thoroughly entertained.

21. Daily walk(s).  Pugs need very little exercise, but if you start them on a daily walk at the same time each day, they will demand it. We go twice per day. I try to delay the morning walk as much as possible if it’s cold outside. However, once I have eaten my breakfast, they know it’s time. They follow me from room to room as I get ready for the walk.

And then there’s the afternoon walk.  Initially, the walk time was at 4:00, followed by dinner. However, over time it has gotten earlier and earlier. If I have not taken them by 2:30, Mimi starts with an intense stare.  An irritated, soft cry follows this. Then there is an outright stare and sharp bark. This continues until I give in. I don’t know one person living the Pug life that is not manipulated by their Pug.

Pug Life Etiquette on the Walk

Pug Life Walk

22. Barking.  Bark, bark, bark. Pugs bark at squirrels, other people, small children, other dogs (no matter how huge they are), blowing leaves, objects that don’t move (such as a trash can), his own shadow, or my favorite… nothing.

23. Put on the Brakes. Mimi puts on the brakes suddenly and for known or no known reason, often during our walks. It could be a puddle, a shadow, or Mimi’s favorite – nothing at all. And so, I pick her up to get her past the scary spot. Carrying Pugs for various reasons is a big part of the Pug life.

24. Finding a “Spot.” Relieving oneself on a walk can be a major event for a Pug. It starts with a sniff, then a circle. The next thing you know, the circles are continuing like a Sufi dancer.  Many years ago, I had a Pug named Willow. She was the queen of circles. At times I counted over 50 circles for one pee.

25. The Kick.  Some Pugs are kickers, and others don’t.  Mimi is a big kicker. A pee or a pooh requires an energetic kick afterward.  Sometimes the kicks are so crazy; both back legs are off the ground at the same time.

26. The Bum Sniff.  Why the bum sniff? It’s so embarrassing when out for a walk and greeting another dog. I quickly pull Mimi and Lulu away from any bum sniffing. But there is always that one dog parent who is oblvious her dog is giving the bum sniff. She just talks away —embarrassing for everyone involved (except the oblivious talker).

27. Tolerating Non-Pug Owners. Sometimes keeping quiet is one of the most difficult things I can do on a walk.  Here are the following statements we have probably all heard and had to tolerate: “Is that a Pug?” Me in my mind – “No, it’s a German Shepherd!. “He’s so ugly; he’s cute.” I think – “Like we’ve never heard that untrue statement before!”

“Does it bite?” Me in my mind – “Is this your first day on the planet? Everyone knows that Pugs don’t bite.” “Mom, can we take it home?” Mom says something like, “No, spoiled child. We don’t have time to take care of a dog right now.  But someday, I will buy you 2 or 3 of dogs.” Me in my mind – “Tell your spoiled child that he is rude. You don’t ask to take other people’s dog’s home with you.” End it with, “You can’t have everything you want, spoiled child.” The Pug life means having to endure the ignorance of others.

Entertaining Family and Friends while Living the Pug Life

Surprised man black Pug

28. Small Embarrassment. Big entertainment. Start with a little embarrassment to get the party started. Your Pug goes into the bedroom where all the coats are thrown on the bed. He comes out with a used Kleenex or Tampon (unused) that he has found in a pocket or purse. He tears around the room, preferably making a mess as he goes, and everyone laughs.

29. The Meal.  Your Pug will find the biggest softie in the group and sit at her feet, waiting for a table scrap. Oops… just one won’t hurt, right? Your Pug follows her around for the rest of the night. 

30. Dishes in the Dishwasher. As dishes go in the dishwasher, the Pug starts with the preliminary cleaning with licking. You say something like, “Oh my God. Stop that. He never does that.” Your Pug and all the people watching know this is the lie of the century. Get used to telling small fibs when living the Pug life.

31. Act Two.  More Entertainment. When the guests have assembled in the family room after the meal, your Pug appears in the middle of the room.  Here are some of the entertainment activities your Pug may show. Licking one’s private parts or bum, the famous “booty scoot” across the floor or sniffing and circles as she gets ready to pooh or pee. All will see this entertainment show, but most will act as if they don’t. You jump up, put him outside, and say something like, “Oh my God! He never does that!” Again, everyone knows you’re lying.

32. The Toot that belongs in the Guinness World Book of Records. When your Pug has become weary of this crowd and is ready to go to bed, he toots the famous toot. This is a silent “party pooper” (pun intended). I believe the U.S. Military is trying to replicate Pug Gas as their next line of defense against foreign enemies. It is a smell so strong that it will send people out the door gasping for fresh air.

After the toot from hell, you again say something like, “Oh my God! He’s never done that. I wonder if he’s sick or something.” Again, everyone knows you’re lying. This sends everyone back to the bedroom where their coats and belongings are.  You pray that there are no wet spots on their belongings. And off they go out the door to their cars. Now your Pug has had her fill with socialization and heads to the couch for a sound sleep.

Miscellaneous Pug Life Fun

Pug playing on bed

Here are just a few things that you are well aware of if you are a Pug owner already. Let’s just say they are a couple of Pug life bonuses you may not expect but are an integral part of the Pug life.

33. Endless Pug Hair. The Pug hair is everywhere. If you’re lucky enough to afford a maid, it’s a good investment if you want to remain sane.  Get on track for daily brushing and de-shedding shampoo baths every other week. Warning: when you move your furniture, magically there will still be a layer of Pug fur on the floor.
How does that Pug hair get so thick under the couch? You have the expensive vacuum cleaner, but still, it’s an uphill battle. If you don’t like eating Pug hair from your sheets in the middle of the night, launder your sheets often. The other option is to use that fancy Pug hair vacuum cleaner with all the great attachments. Every Pug person has to deal with this Pug life dilemma.

34. The Famous Chin Rest. This is an excellent Pug life perk, but not all Pugs do this. When you are sitting on the couch having a snack, your Pug finds a flat surface. This could be your coffee table, pillow, or your leg. They put the edge of their chin on this surface and look up at you with a soulful look. The ironic thing about the chin rest is they are not actually resting their chin. A half-inch of their chin placed on the coffee table is not enough to hold up their head. They have to hold their head up while they’re doing it. If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean.

35. Eating Everything. You may be wondering why I didn’t cover this in the Meal Time section. This type of eating does not exactly qualify as snacks or meals. If you have more than one Pug, the odds are high that you will have one “Poop Eater.”  You can spend endless hours on the internet trying to figure out why she eats poop. You can spend money on all kinds of products to get her to stop eating poop. In my years of living the Pug life, this is what I’ve found. Reason: some Pugs like the taste of poop. What can you do to get them to stop? Nothing.
Get in the habit of picking up their pooh every time they go. If you take your Pugs to the park and one tries to eat some pooh, get used to lying.  “Oh, my God! She’s never done that before!”


There you have it!

The Pug life is a lot of fun. It can also be challenging and embarrassing at times. In my opinion, it is well worth it. The benefits are much greater than the few quirky things that can put you in a tizzy.

If you’ve read all of these 35 tips and you’re still thinking, “When can I get a Pug?” the Pug life is definitely for you. Living the Pug life will help you to loosen up and have a lot of fun!

Enjoy your new Pug!

Pug Puppies

What You Need to Know Before You Get a Pug Puppy

Who doesn’t want to get a Pug puppy?  Everyone loves Pug puppies.  They are so adorable and fun! 

Maybe you are thinking of getting one.  But you have to make sure a Pug puppy is right for you.  You can do that by reading this article to learn more about Pugs. 

What are Pugs Like?

First, you have to know what Pugs are really like.  Then, you can determine if this breed suits you. 

This section will cover:

  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Common health problems

Pug Dogs

Pug Dogs: More Than Just Another Pretty Face

The Pug dog’s motto is “multum in parvo.” Multum in parvo is the Latin phrase that means you get a lot for a little (dog).  If you are a Pug owner, you know just what I mean by “a lot for a little” when talking about Pugs.

Pugs live for fun, and they are the most lovable dog breed of them all.

A Pug dog is part of the family.  He happily follows you from room to room. He wants to be in the mix when you go out and see friends.  The happy little guys or gals want to make you laugh and are always at your side.

Pug dogs have an easy-going temperament that everyone will love.  Many, many people love Pugs.
If you don’t believe me, just go to youtube and search for “Pugs.” You’ll see things like 9.1M views, 2.6M views, and 6.7M views. Please wait to go to youtube to watch the videos.

Pugs play well with others: other dogs, cats, children, and old folks. Pug dogs are sturdier than the other small dog breeds. You don’t have to worry too much if there’s a little rough play.

Pug Seniors

Senior Pugs: What is the Lifespan of Pugs and How to Extend It

We all love our Pugs so much and want them to have an endless lifespan. Sadly, this is not going to happen. We don’t want to think about our Pug dogs leaving this planet before we do. Although we won’t sail off to heaven together, Pugs do live for a long time.

What is the Lifespan of Pugs?

The life expectancy of a Pug dog is between 12 and 15 years. The average male Pug lives 12.8 years, and the average female Pug lives 13.2 years. It’s common to hear people say their Pug dogs live to age 16. I had two Pug dogs that both passed away at age 16. Many people say their Pug dogs are 14, 15, and 16 years old if you. Even 17 years old in some cases.   

My first two Pugs (Wizard & Willow – may you rest in peace), did not seem to slow down at all until they were six years old. I felt like they slowed down to the point of being “normal dogs,” not slow. Six years old is about 40 years old as humans. They would tear it up like puppies regularly. They loved to pull on their leashes on walks and engaging in tom-foolery often. It took me some adjustment to start to realize they were getting older as they were pretty spry for a very long time.