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Husky Pug Mix: An Overview of the Popular Hug Dog

Husky Pug Mix: An Overview of the Popular Hug Dog

The Siberian Husky Pug mix or “the hug dog” is a designer dog breed. Just like its name, the pooch is also very special. The name “hug” makes the puppy sound absolutely perfect. But it is essential to spend some time researching the breed you are falling for.  

The research will help you see if the little fellow suits your lifestyle. It will help you know what you are getting yourself into. The hug is an amazing little pup. But this Husky Pug mix may not be the ideal pet for everyone.  

The hug dog puppies carry the characteristics of both ancient breeds. Their personality is full of fun and joy. We bet you will never be bored with this fluffy fellow around.  

So without further delay, we present you the Hug dog!  

What is a Designer Dog? 

A designer dog is a term used to describe mix-breed dogs. The Husky Pug mix is a designer dog, and its popularity is increasing across the world. They are stealing special attention throughout America.  

Designer dogs are considered healthier than pure breeds. They do not carry many genetic diseases. The hug dog is a healthy alternative to his Pug parent. A good combination of Pug and Husky will help you get the best of both breeds. If you find it hard to select between a Husky or a Pug, try the Husky Pug mix or hug dog!  

What is a Hug Dog? 

A hug dog is a result of a mix between two pure breed dogs. These pure breeds are the famous Pug and a Siberian Husky. This designer dog is attractive and affectionate.  

The hug dog puppy makes an excellent addition to any active family. The fluffy canine is friendly and playful. This dog belongs to an intelligent breed. So they are very intelligent and quick at learning.  

Hug’s husky parent side may result in stubbornness in the puppy. So they require proper socialization and leadership. These lovely puppies are good with kids and other pets.  

Just like the parent breeds, hug dogs are also famous for their lovely nature. Still, it is tough to predict what will be the temperament of the new puppy. Mostly a puppy’s personality depends on its parents.  

Let’s have a look at the parent breeds to learn more about the hug’s nature.  

The Siberian Husky Temperament

Husky High Five

The famous Huskies belong to an ancient breed. These puppies were introduced in Siberia thousands of years ago. A Siberian Husky is said to have limitless stamina. So initially, they were used to supply goods between tribes. They had to take the supplies through icy lands. They were also used for cuddling at night to keep people warm.  

Siberian Huskies have a sweet nature. These canines can be a little vocal sometimes. But their lovely nature covers that all. They are active and will love to spend time with you. Huskie’s lovely nature makes him ideal for mixing with other breeds. Husky Golden Retriever mix and Border Husky are famous Siberian Husky mixes.  

According to the American Kennel Club, out of 193, the Husky is the 14th most popular dog breed. They are one of the most wanted family dogs today.  

The Pug Temperament

The pure breed Pug is also an ancient dog breed. Pug’s popularity was at the top even thousands of years ago. This pup was a hit in Chinese royal circles. The royalty had a soft spot for this flat-faced pooch. Pugs were considered royal and were presented as gifts.  

This pure breed’s popularity reached the sky when a Pug saved a prince’s life. They are famous for their love, loyalty, and affection.  

Pugs have attracted people of all classes with their innocent appearance. No one can ignore their bright eyes and caring nature. These pure breeds are wonderful family pets. They are great snuggle buddies too.  

According to the American Kennel Club, Pugs are at the 28th rank of most popular dogs in America. Unfortunately, this breed suffers from many health problems. So they are often combined with other pure breeds to reduce their fitness issues.  

This lovely pure breed is a fun companion. They make an excellent pet for people living in small spaces. Pugs make great companions with older people and little kids.  

The Hug Dog Puppy Temperament

The hug dog is brave and energetic. This ball of fur loves to be the center of attention. With this pooch around, you can never be bored. Little buddy has to take part in all the family fun!  

The Husky belongs to the hardworking dog breed. In comparison, the Pug has enjoyed the comfort of royal palaces. Both the parent breeds are a symbol of loyalty. And the hug is no different from its parent breeds.  

Husky Pug mix dogs are full of life and personality. They are naughty, affectionate, and attention seekers.  

Thanks to the fantastic combination of genetics!  

Husky Pug Mix

Species Overview of the Hug Dog

  • Hug dog puppies usually weigh around 30-60 lbs.  
  • Husky Pug mixes are medium-sized puppies.  
  • The approximate height of a hug dog lies between 16 to 22 inches.  
  • The Husky Pug mix has a life expectancy of around 12 to 15 years.  
  • The hug dogs are also known as the Siberian Husky Pug mix.
  • Black, brown, or blue are their typical eye colors.  
  • Both of the parent breeds have black or brown noses. The hug dog can adopt either a black or brown nose from its parents.  
  • The Husky Pug Mix or hug dog is a friendly, intelligent, loyal, alert, and energetic fellow. This canine is kid-friendly. It can be stubborn sometimes.
  • The hug dog has been recognized as a breed by the Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA)  
  • This designer breed can either have a long or short coat. Their coat type depends on their parent breeds. However, they usually have a straight and smooth coat. You can expect an average to heavy shedding.  
  • The hug dog is a result of a cross between the Pug’s father and Husky mother. It is because the breeders wanted the puppy to adopt full features from its pug parent. 

Size and Appearance

Both the parent breeds greatly vary in their sizes. So the Husky Pug mix puppies can have different heights. On average, male and female hugs grow up to 10 to 23 inches in height. Their weight can be anywhere between 14 to 60 pounds.  

It is hard to tell what will be the size of the Husky Pug mix. It can inherit its height from either parent.  

Generally, if the little puppy looks more like his pug parents, he will be smaller. The puppy having husky-like features is expected to grow bigger.  

Husky Pug mix dogs can have different muzzle lengths. The same is the case of their tail and ears. But keep in mind even the sibling puppies can have various appearances.  

Puppies and Prices

Husky Pug mix puppies are a little expensive. Their price will start at 1250 dollars. But the price range grows depending on the puppy’s appearance.  

Hug dog puppies’ physical appearance plays a big part in their cost. A puppy with an even mix of both parents is likely to be more high-priced.  

The hugs or Husky Pug mix dogs with blue eyes and husky parent’s coat markings are even more costly.  

For designer breeds, no one can predict what genes the puppy is going to inherit. It is advised to meet the puppy physically. Do not place any deposit before that. It will ensure that the puppy is precisely what you are expecting.


Husky Training

Both the Husky and the Pug parents belong to intelligent dog breeds. But you can also expect stubborn behavior from them.  

  • There will be days when the pooch will be excited about a training session with you. However, sometimes they will not listen to your instructions while training.  
  • You can never engage a hug dog in an uninteresting training session. It is highly recommended to keep the training sessions as enjoyable as possible.  
  • Hug dogs have a lot of energy to utilize. That’s why this puppy is not recommended for new dog owners. The Husky Pug mix dog puppies are also not suited for the people who don’t have time to invest in their training.  
  • Both the parents have a little stubbornness in their nature. So, it is crucial to start training the hug dog as soon as possible. Also, try to socialize your pup early. Allow your puppy to explore plenty of other dogs. Make the puppy comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings.  
  • Husky Pug mix dogs are pretty clever fellows. They respond well to positive reinforcement training.

Exercise Requirements 

The exercise requirements of a Pug are entirely different than Husky. A pure breed Pug is a medium energy level dog. It needs a maximum of 40 minutes of exercise a day to stay active.  

Huskies are among the most energetic dogs in the world. They need at least 90 minutes of exercise a day. An intense exercise routine is essential to keep them fit.  

The Husky Pug mix dog may adopt his stamina from either parent. These puppies’ exercise requirements mainly depend on their size. A smaller hug dog will need less exercise. A husky-sized hug dog will need more time for physical activities. It is ideal to be prepared to exercise the hug dog at least 60 minutes a day.  

The Pug parent of this designer breed struggles to breathe (Brachycephalic dog). So it is important to have an eye on the hug during exercise sessions. If the puppy appears to be out of breath, immediately stop the exercise.  

Common Health Problems

The Husky Pug mix is a relatively new dog breed. There is only a little information available about their health issues. These puppies usually are fit and don’t suffer from health problems. But this doesn’t mean the puppy can never face any illness.  

Pug parents suffer from many physical problems. At the same time, the Husky is a healthy dog breed that doesn’t face several medical conditions. The best way to determine a hug’s health condition is by looking at his parent’s health status.  

The hug dog or Husky Pug mix can face the following health issues:

Eye Conditions

Pug Eye Treatment

The Pug parent has big eyes and a flat-faced appearance. Due to the facial structure, they are likely to get more disease. A Hug dog puppy with a Pug-like appearance can suffer from eye injuries. Little puppies can also face Brachycephalic Ocular Syndrome.

Skin Conditions

Pugs have very sensitive skin. This breed faces multiple skin issues. Some of these issues are demodectic management, cheyletiella dermatitis, and yeast infections. A hug can also get infections between his wrinkles.

Pug Dog Encephalitis

This disease is related to the Pug dog breed. However, a hug dog or Husky Pug mix can inherit this condition. In this disease, the brain tissues begin to swallow. It causes seizures and extreme pain. This condition also affects life expectancy.  

Hip Dysplasia

This is the only health condition husky parents might face. Hip dysplasia is a result of the hip joint’s abnormal formation.  

Having a pet is a job full of responsibilities. Before getting a Husky Pug mix puppy, make sure you know about their potential health problems. It will help you to monitor their well-being. Do not forget to speak to your veterinarian for proper guidance.  

Coat and Grooming 

Hug’s coat can be short like his Pug parent. Being a mixed breed, he can inherit his husky parent’s long coat too.  

The Husky Pug mix usually carries a soft and smooth coat. Their coat color can vary between black, fawn, white, red, silver, and grey.  

A hug dog requires brushing only once a week. You can brush their coat every few days to keep it manageable. Their other grooming needs are similar to any other dog. Nail trimming, dental cleaning, and ear cleaning are all requirements.  

A Husky Pug mix puppy with wrinkles or skin folds needs some extra time for cleansing. You will have to use cotton or wool buds to remove any dust from their wrinkles. 

Husky Grooming

Final Thoughts

The Husky Pug mix is a lively and fun-loving puppy. A friendly-natured puppy like him can easily win the heart of strangers.  

This furry fellow is a little independent. Therefore it can be tricky to train him. The pup is ideal for the owners who have time to invest in its training. If this ball of energy is something, you think you can manage, then cheers on having such a perfect family pet!

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