Chinese Pug

Chinese Pugs: History, Art, and More!

Chinese Pugs: History, Art, and More!

Ever wondered about the enduring popularity of Chinese Pugs? Pugs have shining eyes, curled tails, and adorable squishy faces. They are undoubtedly the most attractive attributes they have. But something is amusing about these tiny fellows.

What about their worried and wrinkled little face? 

Don’t be concerned. They’re not worried or sad.

A Pug’s tiny innocent face might fool you, but Pug lovers know that Chinese Pugs are always cheerful. They are laughing at you and with you. They love entertainment and live for fun.

These are undeniably lovable dogs, and there is simply nothing like them.

Why are they called Chinese? What is their history? 

Let me get right into the Chinese Pugs history. This will explain when and how they became the ultimate lapdogs.

Chinese Pug History

Chinese Pugs have an impressive history that dates back to the 700 BC-pre-Christian eras. These Chinese origin Pugs were prized possession of China’s emperors. Pugs’ evolution started in ancient China. They were then brought to the Netherlands by travelers. From there, Chinese Pugs spread across Europe and eventually around the globe.

The record shows that the Chinese bred three types of Pugs. They were the Lion dog, Lo-sze, and the Pekingese dog. The Lo-sze dog, also called the Foo Dog, was the ancient Pug. They were bred to be companions of ruling families as Chinese emperors. Chinese Pugs were highly valued as pets. 

Their royal history starts by saying that pugs in China had servants to attend to their needs.

If you’re a Pug parent, don’t act shocked about Pugs having servants! 

We’ve all been servants to our little pugs. I’ve never met a Pug owner that wouldn’t do EVERYTHING for their Pugs.

Soldiers were deployed to protect their Chinese Pugs. Only the imperial family members were allowed to own these small-nosed dogs. It is said that during the great emperor Ling To, female Pugs had the same value as the emperor’s wives. They were held in high esteem that anyone alleged to steal a Pug would be sentenced to death. Unreasonable? I don’t think so!

Take, for example, the Chinese reign of Hsi Tsoong during the Tang dynasty. There was a politician named Wang To who owned a pug named Hua-Ya, meaning flowery duck. Flowery Duck? 

Anyhow, one night, an assassin broke into the house through the roof. Yes, a killer! The heroic Pug made some noise, waking his owner, making it mission impossible. Flowery Duck was a noble and brave Pug.

Chinese Pug History and Art History

Portrait of a lady with a Pug

One wonders what’s the connection of Chinese Pug history with art history. Surprisingly, art history has much to tell us about Pugs. This includes how their evolution started in China and how they were brought to other parts of the world. This is especially true of Europe, where they are the most loving pets. By the mid-1700s, Chinese Pugs were established in Europe. Check a European portrait of an emperor. You will see that they were domestic pets and companions.

Time has changed, and so has the Pug’s physical appearance. Modern breed standards and rules have radically changed many dogs’ physical traits. Chinese Pugs are no exception. In ancient China, they were initially bred to hunt lions, according to legend. They once had longer muzzles, tails, and legs. European art in the 1700s tells us much about the physical varieties of bred dogs. 

The lion hunting Pug is a legend. Highly unlikely if it’s true. Let’s face it. I don’t think the breed would have survived if they were all out lion hunting. It makes for a good story. However, they probably had longer muzzles because all dogs have longer muzzles. Over time, they were bred to have short muzzles because people liked how they looked.

Chinese Pugs in Europe

During the 16-17th century, Chinese Pugs became popular across Europe. Do you know who imported Pugs to Europe? History says that Pugs were imported to Europe with the aid of an east Indian company. Other stories say that sailors then smuggled pugs out of China. When they got to Europe, Pugs became companions to nobility and upper classes in Europe.


Once a Chinese Pug saved his master’s life. Yes, you read it correctly. In 1572, Pompey ran to his master, the Prince of The Orange William, sleeping. He alerted him of the Spaniards. That way, he saved his master’s life. 


At this point, you want to know how the dog was rewarded. For your information, that Pug was declared as the official dog of the House of Orange. When Prince William ascended to the thrones, his Pug came to the ceremony with orange ribbons. How loyal they are!


Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife, Josephine had a Chinese Pug named ‘fortune.’ On the night they were wed, she refused to sleep in their bed unless her Pug was allowed to sleep with them. When she was prisoned, it was her Pug whom she used to send her message to Napoleon. She used to place her secret message under the dog’s collar, and he would deliver it to her husband. 


The famous English painter William Hogarth created a self-portrait. In the portrait, he included his lovely Chinese Pug. It became so popular that it was declared one of the world’s most renowned arts.

Chinese Pugs in America

Pugs to America

With their cute face, no one could stop Chinese Pugs from spreading all around the globe. Hence, with no exception, this lovely creature was brought to America after the civil war. The American Kennel Club first recognized the breed in 1885. Sadly, after a century, when they first bred in America, their popularity declined. Yet, a few enthusiasts kept on producing this lovely creature.

After some years, Chinese Pugs reclaimed their rage to the extent that today. You can see Pugs from one side of the continent to the other side. In 1931, the Pug Dog Club was founded and recognized by the AKC the same year. Chinese Pugs are enjoying a steady rate of growth in America. 

More About Chinese Pugs

The Pug’s motto is the Latin phrase “multum in parvo” (a lot in a little.) As the name suggests, Pugs have a lot of energy in a single body. Pugs tend to take up an entire room and at your side wherever you have. Have you ever had a party with your Pug there? Your Pug is not the dog on the side. The dog that some dog lover pets and everyone else ignores. He is the center of attention. He loves to entertain and has a way of saying, “Look at me!” 

Your Pug steals the show at your party!

Characteristics of Chinese Pugs

Chinese Pugs are small in stature and are part of the toy breed. If you are looking for a little, affection able and charming pet, then Pug might be the best fit for you. They have unique physical traits that may compel you to take him home and make him a part of your family. 


First, you must know about their characteristics and the nature of personality.

i) Chinese Pug Colors

There are many colors found in the breed. Different colors of Pugs make them so unique and attractive. Some would say that they have only seen fawn and black Pugs, but there are many colors of Pugs. Other colors make them extra adorable.

a) Fawn Pug

The fawn Pug is the color that is the most recognizable and common among the Pugs. It can vary from light to medium tan and intermixed with other colors to give it a new fantastic look. When different colors are incorporated with fawn, the results are a stunning new look. These include apricot and silver Pugs.

b) Black Pug

The black Pug is the second most popular color of Pugs. All black colored Chinese Pugs are very similar to the fawn. They both have the same body traits, size, and structure. Their colors and markings are different. The black gene is more dominant. But, fawn color Pugs are more common than black ones.

c) Silver Pug

The silver Pug is a unique variety that is not so common as black and fawn, but it is cute. When other colors are intermixed with fawn, we observe an attractive color in its own unique way. As a result, many might think that they own a black puppy when it is silver.

d) Apricot Fawn Pug

The apricot fawn and dark apricot color are also variations of the fawn colorization. The color of their coat is the same as of their cousin’s fawn Pug. However, these Chinese Pugs have reddish-brown hair, which is scattered around the coat.

ii) Pug Size

Chinese Pug

How big do Chinese Pugs grow? Have you ever seen a Pug the size of a Saint Bernard?

No, never, right? 

As discussed above, the Chinese Pug is a small size breed, with almost similar sizes. Some bigger, thinner, smarter, fatter, or taller, but they are identical in size. As far as the height of a Pug is concerned, it depends on the gender of a Pug. Pugs are usually between 10 inches and 13 inches in size, but male Pugs are generally taller than females.

You might be wondering what’s the ideal weight of a Pug. As per the AKC standard, a Pug should ideally weigh between 14 lbs. and 19 lbs. Like the height, male Pugs are supposed to be heavyweight than female Pugs. So, Pugs outside this range may be considered under-weight or over-weight. 


In some cases, Pugs weigh around 20 lbs. to 22 lbs., but vets don’t call them overweight and declare them pretty standard. It all depends upon their physique. Pugs are prone to being over-weight. Studies show that almost 50% of Pugs are outside of their maximum size limit.


● How to stop them from being over-weight?


Wait, let me change the question.


What would you do if you weigh around 300 lbs.?


I know you would answer that I love eating, but I have to take care of my diet and reduce my food intake for my better health. 


But it’s not that easy, right?


The same is the case with Pugs. With their shining eyes, these cute-faced innocent pets look at his Pug parent. The owner can’t stop letting them eat what their lovely companion wants. So, if you wish your Pug not to be over-weight, stop feeding him your ice cream. 


Chinese Pugs can quickly become couch potatoes. Leaving our comfort zone and going out to do some workout is tough. No doubt. The same is the case with our Chinese Pugs, who are very similar to our human nature. 


● When do Pugs stop growing?


There is no hard and fast rule to define the exact age or size when they stop growing. Puppies can have more round appearances, and that is completely fine. Ideally, when the puppy is six months old, its weight should be 7 lbs. to 11 lbs. 


But what is their maximum size and age of a Pug when they stop growing?


Between 9 and 12 months, Chinese Pugs should be at their fully grown size. This is not the point where you should start keeping an eye to make sure they don’t get over-weight.

iii) Pug Personality

Sarcastic, affectionate, charming, and mischievous are the favorite attributes of a Pug’s personality. These traits make them so popular and attractive. They have a unique personality. They love fun. They love laughing inside with no evident expression at their round cute face. Their shiny eyes speak a lot, and they like to follow humans from room to room and corner to corner.

They are playful and love being around children and other dogs. They are real friends of children. Chinese Pugs love playing and cuddling with kids. Kids love their affection and charismatic personality. 


● What Chinese Pugs were Bred For

Unlike other dogs, Pugs were not bred for a particular purpose such as hunting, etc.; they were produced to be a lap dog. They like to be everywhere you are, be it room to room or outside your home in the garden or park. They want your company, and sometimes, you may find them lying on top of you at night. 


● When are they sad?

When your Pug finds you offline from them, and you don’t get back to him for an extended period of time.  You may end up with a sad dog. Just spend time with him and switch that around for him. 

● What is the Temperament of a Chinese Pug  

What pops up in your mind when you think of a Pug’s temperament?  Stubborn.


No one can deny that Pugs are stubborn, but they are generally not aggressive. With proper training, patience, and the use of treats, there is no one like them. Pugs are an excellent choice for families with children. Pugs are small and love attention.

They crave their’ owner’s attention and love to play, joy, and have fun with his human family. Indeed, a Pug is very childlike and always wants to be with you. Because of this, Pugs thrive in homes where they will receive a lot of love and attention. There is no doubt that they are stubborn, but they seldom get into real mischief. Sometimes playful and clownish. Sometimes calm and dignified. But mostly, they are just loving.

iv) Pug Behavior 

Strawberry Bowl

The very calm and charming creatures enjoy their day napping. Generally, their behavior is considered lazy. But then they go from 0 to 100 with a boost of energy. 


As mentioned above, Pugs are food lovers. You will see them always longing for food and their favorite dishes. 


If they are lazy, how do you get them trained?


With proper training, a lazy Pug can become an ambitious pet who loves behaving for you. 


They like and love to laugh with you, and most of the time, the baby-faced Pugs like to laugh at you. They are typically a vocal dog breed. This includes yapping, barking, snorting, and noises. Some of these noises are due to their natural habit of snorting. Pug snouts are very short, and you might get them to wheeze after excessive exercise. 


How can we correct these behaviors?


With proper training and exercising, these bad habits become positive habits.


How can we forget the fun facts about this funny type of pet?


Hence, before we conclude our Pugs’ discussion, let us take a look at five interesting facts about Pugs.

Facts about Chinese Pugs

i) Female Pugs used to live a little longer 


As we already have mentioned, a Pug’s average life span is around 12 and 15 years. However, most Pugs that die prematurely is due to improper care. The average male Pug lives about 12.8 years, while the female’s life span is 13.2 years.


ii) Pugs can’t cool the air they breathe


Since they have a flat nose, they can’t regulate the air they breathe. They tend to encounter more chronic issues, such as increased heart rate and panting.


iii) A Pug has won the World Dog Show


As Pugs are one of the most popular dog breeds, many celebrities around the world own Pugs. Moreover, this breed won the prestigious World Dog Show in 2004. This is considered one of the most challenging contests for dogs to win.


iv) The Pug is one of the oldest dog breeds


The evolution of Chinese Pugs dates back to the pre-Christian era. Most of the Buddhist Monks took the dogs as their pets in Tibetan Monasteries. According to Pugs’ history, they are the oldest ones starting in ancient China. From there, they were spread to the whole world.


v) Pugs are known to have an underbite


Ever thought about Pugs are adorably round-faced? It’s just because of the structure of their lower teeth. The lower teeth protrude further than their upper canines. This results in the distinct underbite they are famous for. In some breeds, such as the Pug and the bulldog, this bite is selected as part of the breed standard.


Want to know more about these countless facts about Pugs?


Click here to see a list of 50 interesting facts about Pugs. 

Pug History Art

The Pug is of Chinese origin and dates back to the pre-Christian era. Pug history and Pug art history are both closely related. Pug art history tells us a lot about how the characteristics developed in Pugs. Art history also tells us when they spread to different parts of the world. The most important thing art tells us is that Pugs were royal dogs, no matter what country they lived in. They were bred to be lapdogs. Modern-day Pugs will not let you forget they are royalty and bred to be your companion, sitting on your lap!

Pugs are different colors, but the most popular color among Pugs is fawn. The black color is the second. A Chinese Pug is a small size breed. A Pug should ideally weigh around 14 to 19 lbs. However, the size of the male Pugs is greater than that of the female Pugs. 

Obesity is a common problem for Chinese Pugs, for they can be lazy and love to eat. They also love laughing with you and following you from room to room. At the age of 9-12 months, Pugs are usually fully grown, which is the maximum age they live to. 

By nature, Pugs are stubborn but not aggressive, nor are they intrusive. Since they love food, offer them their favorite food, and you are best friends for life. This funny animal has countless fun facts that are being admired by almost all pet lovers. So if you are a pet lover like all ordinary people and plan to own one, look no further. Chinese Pugs are affectionate creatures with countless funny and charming attributes. 

They are popular all across the globe and are considered a sign of fun and joy in a house. You will always find something amusing and funny about these tiny pups.

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