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Simple Steps to Care for and Brush your Pug’s Teeth

Simple Steps to Care for and Brush your Pug's Teeth

A Pug’s smile is super adorable, but it’s even better with shiny teeth and a clean mouth.

But to keep those chompers free of tartar, you have to learn the proper way to clean. Doing it right, not only are the teeth clean, but the mouth is also free of the stinky smell.

Caring for Pugs’ little teeth can be the work of your veterinarian. But, you can DIY this challenge with my ultimate tips on how to brush your Pug’s teeth.

There will be many things to cover related to Pug’s dental health. Make sure you follow along.

Reason for Pugs Dental Care

Did you know that Pugs are prone to dental problems more than other breeds?

The squashed-in facial structure of Pugs is one reason for the higher risk of gum disease. The brachycephalic characteristic in Pugs results in their teeth not aligning correctly.

It is this malocclusion that causes trauma in the gum when the dog bites and chews.

Adding to the higher chance of dental health in Pugs is the overcrowded density of teeth. That crowded amount of teeth traps food and causes gum bacteria buildup. This leads to infection in the root.

Statistics show that 80% of Pug dogs are affected by dental diseases. And the leading cause is mostly improper care for the teeth and mouth.

Pugs breathe through their mouth often, rather than their nose.

This leaves them with dry mouth.

It’s a perfect environment for the plague to accumulate and form cavities.

Tooth decay can be the leading cause of losing teeth. Rotten teeth are painful, making it suffering for your Pug to eat.

Worse, Pugs that lose teeth are more in danger of damaging the organs like heart, livers, and kidneys.

The Best Toothbrush for Pugs

Pug Tooth Brushes

Here are some options you may want to consider when looking for a toothbrush for your Pug. So, even if you are a beginner, the right brush will make the process less challenging.

This set of dog brushes is a valuable one that offers high-quality made brushes for Pugs and other dogs too.

It comes with four brushes with a brush on each end. The larger end is for front teeth, while the smaller brush can easily reach teeth in the corners.

The bristles are gentle on the gums. You can wear one to your finger and clean the dog teeth more flexibly. It’s perfect for removing trapped food and plague.

If you really want your money spent correctly, get this high-end dog teeth cleaning tool.

The electric brush comes with four heads, cleaning all kinds of dental stains. The device rotates at a safe speed to clean the tooth surface. It removes the plaque buildup.

There are also polishing heads to pearly white clean your Pug’s teeth. More than that, it operates super quietly, which won’t freak your Pug out.

In case you want something on the cheaper side, there is no better choice than this.

These silicone dental brushes have extra soft rubber ends that massage the gums. They also remove tartar and dental stains.

Better yet, the 5.7-inch long curved handle allows you to reach gums in the farthest corners.

The Best Dog Toothpaste for Pugs

Brush your Pug's teeth

Veterinarians recommend using high-quality toothpaste.

Here are the top choices picked by a dog-teeth professionals:

This top-notch option has been in the market for a long while. It makes use of the enzymatic effect to remove stains in teeth.

Yet, the product has a fish flavor that is attractive to Pugs. The toothpaste contains no harmful ingredients in case your dog swallows some of it.

Virbac toothpaste is a bit pricier than other brands, but the results are exceptional.

One more thing to note is that this product is for clinical use. You should check with your vet before applying it to your Pug pup.

This toothpaste contains whitening properties and natural ingredients to fight bad breath. The product features an enzymatic effect to wash away dental debris.

It’s a reasonable price for a decent size, which you can use for a long time. More than that, your Pug will like the liver flavor.

This set is the best bang for the buck as it packs the toothpaste, brush, and brush to use with your finger.

The toothpaste features the tartar control formula made of natural ingredients. Adding to that is the favorable beef taste that is drawing to Pugs.

You can use this for puppies and adult dogs as the brushes have two ends of different sizes.

This brand removes tartar and plaque buildup. It also promotes shiny teeth and eliminates bad breath.

How to Brush your Pug’s Teeth – Simple Steps

Pug Teeth

What you need:

  • A toothbrush
  • Finger brush
  • Enzymatic toothpaste
  • Delicious treats

It would be best if you started with a finger brush. This tool gives you the flexibility to move inside the dog’s mouth. Also, use it along with enzymatic toothpaste.

Step 1: Begin Slowly

If your Pug is new to teeth brushing, you should start by letting the dog sniff the paste first. You can allow the dog to lick the paste. That’ll let them know that the process is safe.

Remember just to let the pup lick, not bite. Your Pug may hurt you when getting overexcited.

For the first day, you should not rush to clean every tooth. Use the finger brush to get your dog familiar to you, trying to push a foreign item into his mouth.

Slowly brush the front teeth. It doesn’t have to be completely clean this time.

Then, give your Pug treats and finish.

Step 2: Swipe and Feed

After a few days, your Pug should allow you to put the brush into his mouth.

This time, you can try some swipes, one or two at a time. Then, give the dog a treat, along with praise in a soft voice. Tasty food will provide the pup the idea that this is going to be a pleasant experience.

Keep doing the swipe for a few more days.

Step 3: Use the Real Brush

Now, your dog is familiar with the brushing pattern. You can work up to a longer brush.

This time, start from the front to the left, then right. Brush in spiral motions and keep the process in 1-2 minutes.

Keep in mind that you should not be too forceful with the brush. Try to make the time fun and enjoyable for the Pug.

Once it’s done, don’t forget to use incentive voice and treats.

Step 4: Schedule the Time to Brush

It’s essential to make a routine and keep it consistent. This action will create a habit for your Pug and won’t freak him out.

You can practice the teeth brushing session before bedtime. Don’t let your Pug spin out of the schedule, or you will start building up this habit over again.

Foods that Keep your Pug Dog’s Teeth Clean

Juicy Fruits and Crunchy Veggies

Such vegetables like carrots, apple pieces, cucumber and celery will do the trick. These are low-calorie and vitamin-rich foods that you can give the dog to chew and clean his chompers.

Watermelon and blueberries are favorite fruits that will keep the gums healthy. Other types of melon also make ideal treats to boost your Pug’s dental health.

Alternatives and Substitute Toys

There are many toys on the market that encourage active chewing and promote gum health. Those are an excellent substitute for teeth brushing if your Pug resists too much.

Another way to promote healthy teeth is to use an additive for his water. They contain properties like glycerin and citric acid that keep the Pug’s teeth healthier.

Dental treats are also great in keeping the health of Pug’s teeth. They are available in different flavors. Many of them are designed to help clean the back teeth.

Oravet gel is a treatment you can use on your Pug’s teeth to prevent plaque. With a regular brushing routine and this gel, your Pug plaque problems will be reduced.

Dental Chews for your Pug

Dental chews are a great way to reduce plaque buildup and keep your Pug’s breath smelling great.

Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews for Small Dogs 10-24 lbs is a great dental chew to try out.

From the Amazon customer reviews, most dogs like them. Some owners found them messy. This product shows a noticeable difference in the dog’s teeth and breath.

Some owners complained that their dogs did not like the taste and would not eat them. Lucky for us, our Pugs will eat mostly anything.

Sings of Pug’s Dental Problems

You know that dental diseases affect 80% of Pugs, but it doesn’t have to include yours. The issues are preventable right from the start.

However, if gum diseases happen, you need to know.

Your Pug will show signs if he is having a problem with his teeth.

  • Hesitate to chew
  • Chew on one side of the mouth
  • Struggling picking food
  • Swollen or bleeding gums
  • Stinky breath (halitosis)
  • Lumps in the mouth
  • Bloody saliva
  • Nasal discharge
  • Loose teeth
  • Shy to touch with the head

If any of these signs occur frequently, you may raise the mouth cover and check the Pug’s teeth and gums.

Untreated gum diseases can lead to various health problems affecting other organs. In the worst case, infection in teeth can destroy jawbones causing fractures.

How to Keep your Pug’s Teeth Healthy

Pug for dental cleaning

Dental diseases are preventable if you keep the dog’s oral hygiene up.

Things you can do:

Take your Pug for Regular Oral Exams

It’s recommended to have the vet checking your Pug’s teeth regularly. The check-up will include dental X-rays, which tell exactly what’s going on with the teeth.

You can get an expert to do if it’s hard to brush your Pug’s teeth. Ideally, have your Pug’s dental cleaned once a week. In case you do it at home, do the brushing every day.

Feed Quality Food

Food is the primary source of tartar and plaque buildup in dog’s teeth. You may consider consulting your vet about “dental diets.” These diets benefit scrubbing and cleaning the teeth when your dog is chewing.

Some foods prevent the formation of plaque, which I mentioned in the earlier section.

Offer Dental-Healthy Toys

It’s easy to find tooth-friendly goodies for your pup to chew daily. These toys help to rub teeth, especially ones in the back, to prevent tartar accumulation.

Indestructible toys can be long-lasting. However, pay attention to the material, which can be hazardous if swallowed. You also want to make sure the size of the toys matches Pugs’ mouth.

Bottom Line

Brushing your Pug’s teeth may be difficult at first.

It seems that Pugs really hate getting their teeth brushed. The more often you do so, the easier it will get. And a couple of treats at the end of the process definitely helps.

Get used to caring for your Pug’s dental health early on in his life. And learning how to brush your Pug’s teeth is quite a valuable skill.

Creating this healthy habit will benefit your Pug for years to come. We all brush our own teeth daily; why not our Pugs? It’s all part of Pug care that you want to do right!

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