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Brindle Pugs: The Rare, Beautiful and Elusive

Brindle Pugs: The Rare, Beautiful and Elusive

We all know the adorable dog breed with the pig-like tail and smushed face. Pugs truly have a distinct look to them. Brindle Pugs are the same. When people think of Pugs, most think of two colors; fawn (tan) or black. So, what exactly is a brindle Pug? Well, it all comes down to the pattern of their coat.

What is Brindle?

A big misconception people have is the word brindle refers to a specific color. When, in fact, brindle is a pattern. Many dog breeds can have a brindle pattern in their coat. These breeds include greyhounds, boxers, and terriers. Guinea pigs and even horses can have this mysterious brindle pattern as well.

The dictionary definition of brindle is “a brownish or tawny color, with streaks of other colors.” Brindle Pugs have stripes of grey or stripes of black color. So, a brindle Pug could look speckled like a fudge brownie or like an Oreo.

Brindle Pugs are elusive and remain a mystery to this day. Brindle Pugs are hard to find, even on Google. Their rarity is what makes them so exclusive and challenging to find and buy or adopt.

Maybe the reason is that brindle Pugs are not common, and that’s why they are so difficult to find. Or, perhaps it is because the United States finds it difficult to classify them. Brindle Pugs colors do not fit in with the traditional Pug colors. This confuses the public and makes them even more desirable.

No one knows precisely where to place brindle Pugs. Who knows, maybe the confusion over their coats make them exclusive. Their exclusivity makes them more attractive, and adoptions are on the rise.

The Color War of Brindle Pugs

Mimi and Lulu

Color can be a make or break decision for people. This includes buying a car, a house, and adopting their precious furry friend. Most adopters wanting a Pug will assume the Pug will be tan or black. Out of all the Pugs, 65 percent are fawn color, and 22 percent are black color.

Few adopters will know brindle Pugs even exist because they are the rarest. Only about 1 percent of Pugs are brindle. Because brindle stripes are rare in Pugs, they could be considered exotic. Once an adopter is aware brindle Pugs exist, they could become more attractive and want a Pug that is so unique.

After digging myself, it is clear this exotic looking Pug might not be the most sought after the litter.

Are They Really Purebred Pugs?

There is a significant concern with the legitimacy of brindle Pugs. The confusion of brindle Pugs all comes down to if they are purebred or mixed. Some dog groups and associations do not place brindle Pugs in the Pug category. These groups are uncertain they are purebred. The American Kennel Club who believes there are only two types of pure Pugs- fawn and black colored.

Yet, brindle Pugs can be purebred with two Pugs that have a brindle gene.

Some believe the gene that creates the unique brindle pattern has always been with the Pug. Those that believe brindle can be a gene believe brindle Pugs can be purebred. Others believe the brindle pattern is not in the Pug but is a result of cross-breeding.

More common than not, brindle Pugs are not purebred. Instead, a Pug and another animal are bred to get that brindle color.

Brindle Pugs cannot enter shows in the American Kennel Club. Still people have become obsessed with them. Brindle Pugs are deserving of the same love they are waiting to give.

Here is all you need to know about the rare cuties.

Weight of Pugs

Brindle Pugs are small and round, like any Pug, and weigh around 14-18 pounds. Their weight depends on their gender, not the color of their coat. Male brindle Pugs typically weigh more than females.

Bundle of Personality

Viking Pug

Pugs are one of the most sought after breeds in the world, and rightfully so. Brindle Pugs are no different. They love attention from their owners and are extremely loving. They love following around their owner and become quite attached. Brindle Pugs love sitting on the couch with you while getting as many pets as possible.

On the flip side, brindle Pugs hate to be left alone. If they are left alone for too long, they will experience separation anxiety. A good way to combat their stress is to practice distance while at home. Brindle Pugs might chew up your shoe or shred some toilet paper to let you know they were not happy you left.

Brindle Pugs are also known to be playful and are rarely aggressive toward people or other dogs.

It is vital to give Pugs different toys to stimulate their brain during playtime. Other toy options include chewable, tug/rope toys, crinkle toys, or plush toys. A toy with treats in it is good too, so dogs can stimulate their brains to solve a complex problem. Once your brindle solves the problem, they are rewarded with food or a treat. It is so important your brindle Pug is entertained and not bored with the same old toys.

Pugs, in general, love to be loved and given affection. They are not a guard dog, but they will always be by your side and be your best friend and your number one fan.

So, brindle Pugs are fun, loving, and super attached but are they intelligent? Pugs are very intelligent and can be trained with consistency.

Where Did Brindle Pugs Come From?

Pugs were always loved and adored by the most royal people throughout history.

Are you surprised?

Royal people had a deep love for the loving and loyal Pugs. They owned Pugs of the two traditional colors, black and fawn. Pugs were even the mascot for Holland’s royal House of Orange (a European dynasty). So, how did these royal Pugs make their way from China to America?


Chinese Pug

These sweet pudgy dogs were first discovered in China around 2,000 years ago. China royals and emperors loved Pugs. Pugs were only known to be royal dogs in China and were untouchable for ordinary people. The only way people, who were not royal, could own a Pug was to receive one as a gift.

Pugs were more accessible when they entered Europe.


According to the AKC, Pugs entered Europe when Dutch traders returned with the breed in the 1500s. When Pugs arrived in Europe, they were mostly a dog for royal people. European dynasties owned Pugs, and even Queen Victoria owned many in her lifetime.

Of course, when royals owned the tiny breed, the British people wanted to get their hands on them as well. Over time it was more common for anyone to have a Pug.

North America

In the 19th century, during the civil war, Pugs came to North America. Now, Pugs are loved across the world and are not just royalty, but are for everyone.

Just royal people may not own all Pugs, but they still act like royalty.

Brindle Pugs’ history is a little messier. No one knows the brindle pattern’s history because it is not a direct gene or purebred that can be tracked down.

Whatever the history is, the brindle Pug is here today and is truly unique. However, this Pug is not just something to awe over. There are complications of this unique breed.

One Brindle

Health Risks of Brindle Pugs

There is no denying the beauty of this small breed. With that being said, their physicality could be a risk factor as they get older. According to the AKC Pugs’ faces are vulnerable to health risks. One common health concern for all Pugs is overeating because they are fast eaters. This can lead to weight gain if not monitored.

One easy way to get fast eating Pugs to slow down is to purchase a “slow-bowl.” Then they cannot gulp down and eat all it at once. These bowls are found at any pet store, but here are some great ones on amazon.

Pug Eyes

Pugs’ large eyes are one of their features that make them unique. Even though their eyes are quite cute, they could cause health issues in their lifetime. Their eyes are prone to get scratched or irritated because they bulge out of their face.

Simply checking Pugs’ eyes and wiping their eyes can help prevent this. Their eyes can also get corneal ulcers and dry eyes. A veterinarian is a go-to person for any eye issues. They will know the best treatment for these specific eye issues for a brindle Pug.

Breathing and Overheating

Brindle Pugs can have breathing problems and are prone to them due to their smushed snouts. Again, who knew such a cute feature Pugs are known for can be quite harmful.

Brachycephalic syndrome is a term for Pug’s breathing issues. These issues are caused by their nasal passages being so tiny. Brindle Pugs also get very overheated in the sun. Overheating can trigger their breathing issues if they sit in the hot weather for too long.

Brain of a Pug

In extreme cases, brindle Pugs can experience a condition called Pug dog encephalitis (PED). This means their brain tissue becomes inflamed. Vets do believe this disease could be genetic.

Purebred brindle Pugs can experience more health concerns than those that are mixed. This is something to keep in mind with choosing a brindle Pug. Usually, when a dog is mixed with different breeds, the “bad” genes are not as apparent (that is not always the case).

Purebred or not, any dog owner should take their dog to the vet within one or two weeks of adopting. This ensures the dog is updated on their shots, and any red flags can be brought to light and diagnosed early.

The lifespan of brindle Pugs is around 12- 15 years. Brindle Pugs can live longer when their health issues are addressed and cared for.

It All Comes Down to Cost

Brindle Pug Puppies

Now that you know more about brindle Pugs, you are sold. Well, it is good to assume you will be putting more money and time into your new furry baby. Brindle Pugs tend to be more expensive because the brindle pattern is rarer. People purchasing a brindle Pug usually spend around $800-$2,000.

Now, some variables could affect this price. If someone is looking for an adult brindle Pug, that price could be lower. If somehow the brindle Pug is found/rescue and is not from a breeder, the price might also be lower. Brindle Pugs are usually purchased through a breeder because they are so rare.

Rarity Tends to be Expensive

People want brindle Pugs because their pattern is unique. They are different from the standard two-color Pugs often come in. Because of this, breeders can get more money when they are breeding brindle Pugs. If you do come across a purebred brindle Pug (this is rare), it is probable to cost you more money as well.

Of course, any dog’s price is not just the initial cost. It is also their vet bills, food, treats, toys, cage, etc. add to the cost of a lifelong friend.

What to Expect When Bringing Home A Brindle Pug

Okay, if you’ve decided on obtaining a brindle Pug, you might be asking, “How do I bring one home?”

Well, like any dog, you have to be prepared and know how to take care of your furry baby before it comes home.

What’s the Best Food for my Brindle Pug?

The process of finding the perfect food for your pet can be filled with a lot of pressure. Of course, a healthy food option is the best food option.  It’s tough to know what should be in a healthy dog food.  Check out how to read a dog food label here.  Here are some options to consider when buying puppy or dog food for your Brindle Pug.

“I and love and you” Naked Essentials Dry Puppy Food

This food will keep your brindle puppy active, healthy and energetic.  There are never any fillers and the first ingredient is real meat.

“I and love and you” Naked Essentials Dry Dog Food

“I and Love and You” is a great brand.  One reason I really like it is grain-free.  My brindle Pug has problems with her skin, but once I started her feeding her this brand all the problems have vanished.

Taste of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Dry Dog Food

Pug owners don’t need pictures of wolves, deer and buffalo on their dog food bags, but this is a great food for Pugs.  

This food is easy to digest with probiotics to help your Pug’s GI tract.  With no fillers, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, your Pug will love it!

Finding healthy treats for Pugs are equally important.  Any Pug owner knows that treats are part of everyday life for Pugs.

Full Moon Organic Human Grade Training Treats for Dogs

My Pugs really love these training treats because they’re soft and delicious.  I really love them because they are small.  And I use them for training, so their good taste gives them a little more motivation than their everyday kibbles do.

Wellness WellBites Grain-Free Beef & Turkey Recipe Soft & Chewy Dog Treats

These great treats are also small and healthy.  They are all natural, moist and tasty.  Remember, small is the key when buying Pug treats.  Pugs easily put on the pounds and big dog bones are just too much.

Blue Buffalo Health Bars Natural Crunchy Dog Treats Biscuits

These are a great choice for Pugs, but a little large my brindle Pug and black Pug.  I break them in half, and they gobble them up.

Greenies Original Petite Natural Dental Dog Treats

These treats have extra vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  Not only are they good for your brindle Pug, they help fight plaque and tartar.  An extra bonus is they give your brindle Pug fresh breath.

Now that we have inside their bodies managed, how often does their outside appearance need managing?

Grooming for Brindle Pugs

Brindle on White

Brindle Pugs, like all dogs, need regular grooming care. Grooming includes their fur, their teeth, and their ears. Brindle Pugs are known to shed a lot. This means it is vital to find a brush that works for you and works for your brindle Pug.

Amazon has excellent variety when it comes to brushes, and they are reasonably priced. The Pet Neat Grooming Brush has fantastic reviews. I picked this up for my fur baby, and he loves it. PetSmart and Petco also have brushes and supplies for every dog’s needs. Brindle Pugs should be brushed two to three times a week.

Grooming a brindle Pug includes brushing their fur, brushing their teeth and cleaning their ears. A dog toothbrush is a way to brush their teeth. Like what was stated previously, dog dental chews are great options to keep dogs’ breath smelling fresh.

Brindle Pug ears are also important to clean frequently, so dirt does not build up. It is recommended to get an ear cleaning solution that is approved by a vet. Amazon offers ear wipes by Pet MD that will do the trick. YouTube has multiple tutorials on how to clean dogs’ ears.

Where to Find Your Brindle Pug

Brindle Pug

My guess is you probably will not find a brindle Pug in your local shelter. The easiest and most common way to adopt a brindle Pug is through a dog breeder. Brindle Pugs are rare gems, so breeders need to breed them to put them on the market to make them more available.

Adopting through a breeder requires plenty of patience and usually money. Dogs that are bred cost more money than shelter dogs because they are harder to adopt. Typically, dogs that are bred are sought after breeds-like Pugs. That doesn’t mean rare dog breeds will never find themselves in the shelter, but the chance of that happening is pretty slim.

The broadest way to search for brindle Pugs is to google “brindle Pug breeders” or “brindle Pugs for sale.” Searching for a brindle Pug will take time because they are hard to come across.

Websites like PetFinder and Adopt-A-Pet might be another way to find a brindle Pug. On these sites, you can select a specific breed and your location. You can widen your area to get more results.

As we all know, Facebook now has a group for almost everything. Some groups are specifically for people looking to adopt Pugs. You might be able to find a brindle Pug by joining Facebook groups. Do your homework and don’t send any money until you’ve thoroughly checked the breeder out.

If you do go through with a breeder, you might be asked to join a waitlist. This is a list of people waiting to get a brindle Pug. A waitlist doesn’t sound very reassuring. However, securing a brindle Pug may take longer than other Pugs.

Brindle Pugs are on the rise as the brindle pattern becomes popular. A brindle Pug is a perfect dog if you are looking for a lovable and loving companion. It is so important your brindle Pug gets exercise and eats the most nutritious food.

The brindle pattern in the Pug does not affect how they are raised and trained. Just like any other Pug, they should be cared for. If you are in the market for a brindle Pug, remember to be patient and take your time. Know your fur baby is out there- you just have to keep looking.

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